2017 by month

→ December
Winter house shot
Our house during the winter
TPed by our good friends with snow on the ground!
My Christmas present from my parents

→ November
Ron at the helm
Sailing in November!
Fred's Boat
Fred's Trimaran
1969 Speed boat!
Ducati St4s
My 2004 Ducati St4s, beautiful bike. I miss it

→ October
Blue Heron
Blue Heron
Julia, Rachel and some of their animals
Rose Bush
Our new rose bush
Home made pizza!
We had a few red zinnia this year.
Bike Riding
Heading out for a ride.

→ September Guest
Hiking with Dad/Joe
Amber and her Dad on the trail
Bean Pods!
Jefferson Bean Vine w/ pods
Croatian wine! YUM!!
Croatian wine, a gift from Brandye!

→ Hot August!
4 O'Clocks, Jefferson Bean Vine, Zebra grass.
Algae! Pollen!
Pond with algae and pollen
Freya stayed with us a while
Freya sleep over!

→ Warm days of July, biking, working, gardening
Poppy from Seed
I grew some chinese poppies from seed 07/2017
Our house 07/06/2017
RIding shoes
20+ yr old socks, 07/2017
Drive to work, 07/2017

→ June is popping at our place! First time growing Allium (leeks) and loving the starburst flower it makes!
Greenway and the bridge
H Michael Weaver Memorial Bridge 06/2017
Our Garden, with Zagreb in bloom
Always working on the garden! 06/2017
Lilies like crazy
June Lilies in our yard 6/2017
Iris like crazy
Leek Flowers! 6/2017

→ May, I planted Jefferson Bean Vine from seeds from Martie, my mother in law.
Jefferson Bean Vine
Jefferson Bean Vine, May 2017
Yellow Knockout Rose Bush
Yellow Knockout Rose Bush, May 2017
Evans Property
Evans Property, May 2017

→ April is good for riding, and that means riding the Greenway and gardening!
Ron on the greenway
Riding the greenway 04/2017
Ron on the greenway
Ghost bike in the park on my regular ride.
Lettuce seeds in the ground
I used to have better luck here
Ron on the greenway
My BIG Hosta

→ March, spring is almost here! Just got back from a great time in western Nebraska with my parents and Janie.
Iris like crazy
Janie pushing Jace, 3/2017
The Bluff
Scott's Bluff March 3/2017
Cindy the Pineapple, 3/2017

→ February is the perfect time to travel to Norfolk with good friends for good live music!
Iris like crazy
Ron, Amber and Rachel outside our hotel
Iris like crazy
Amber hamming it up with the dock Mermaid
Iris like crazy
Sunset February
Pink and Blue Sunrise
Sunrize over our garage 02/2017
Purple Vinka blossoms Feb 2017
Vinka in Bloom

→ Snow in January, not much this winter.
Snow earlier than normal, and not as much this whole winter Snow in January Daffodils popping up first thing! Daffodils starting